Launching 2014
An International Social Commerce Platform Dedicated to Premium
Irish Brands
Storytell & Share Your Brand with the World…
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Our Story... Your Story...
Irish brands is a remarkable new platform where your brand will become part of an international social initiative
Join the movement and help share the best Ireland has to offer in Fashion, Jewellery, Homeware and Crafts
Take the opportunity to share your brand's story internationally
Get educated on best practice ecommerce and social commerce techniques
How It Works
  • Create and setup your new brand page
  • Add brand, products and social content
  • Create ongoing engaging context about your brand and products
  • Learn to create and share mobile ready content
  • Leverage brand awareness
  • Share your content across all devices
  • Reach Irish Diaspora around the world
  • Add and share brand photos, videos and press
  • Maintain your presence consistently
  • Sync social media platforms
  • Create opportunities to increase product awareness and sales
  • Listen to and analyse customer feedback
  • Learn more about what customers want
  • Become part of international marketing and promotional strategies
  • Leverage the opportunity to showcase your products
Create and own self managed brand page
Produce and share content
Get tips and education from our experts
Manage Customers - (CRM) Customer Relationship Management
Maintain your brand with the most up to date mobile and web technologies
Any Questions, Just Ask
We're here to help and answer any questions you have about this remarkable initiative
When will it be live?
Coming to you soon in 2014
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